What We Stand For

The mission of LWFI is to save lives by building genuine community for Veterans and their families through peer-to-peer interaction. We achieve this mission through our three pillars of vets to health, work and home. Our goal is to impact as many Veterans as we can in our lifetime!

Strength in Community

LWFI is for Veterans and their families to find strength in the community. We offer our shared experiences in effort to find common ground for growth. Rather than provide answers we ask questions that empower people to step out and grasp freedom from what it is that maye holding them back.

We strive to focus on the things we can control within our own lives. Using an I statement approach, we focus on what we can do to have a better quality of life. Working together we can identify roadblocks to success. We have adopted “;IGY6” simply put we are here for one another or “I Got Your Six!”

The list could go on…

at LWFI We Got Your Six!

Our Values


We serve our members and community with humility, dignity, and respect


We are honest, transparent, and accountable


Devoted to the well-being of one another through shared experience


Cultivate joy and camaraderie with our team and in our service to others

Our Vision to Execution

Vets to Health

Helping veterans and their families find the resources they need to stay healthy.

Vets to Work

Providing oportunities for veterans and their families to get to work and find a purpose.

Vets to Home

Providing resources and leading projects to provide safe shelter for veterans and their families.

Meet our Amazing Team!

Travis Coyle

Travis Coyle

Founder & Chairman

Steven Wheelbarger

Steven Wheelbarger

Chief Operations Officer

Jay Roderick

Jay Roderick

Chief Executive Officer

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Become a member and help us reach our goal. We are alwasy looking to partner with our peers to standup chapters, raise funds and serve our veteran community.

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Living Waters Freedom Initiative is expanding! We are hardpressed to reach our ultimate goal of having a chapter in ever one of the 50 United States!